Billing Specialist

Chapel Hills, NC

TITLE: Billing Specialist

WORK AREA: In Office 

SUMMARY: We're on a mission to enrich lives in North Carolina. As a Biller, you'll ensure timely and accurate billing operations, helping families navigate their healthcare finances with ease. Our aim? To create a transparent and efficient billing system, reinforcing our commitment to the community and promoting trust, clarity, and peace of mind.


  1. Checking eligibility and benefits verification for treatments, hospitalizations, and procedures.
  2. Reviewing patient bills for accuracy and completeness and obtaining any missing information.
  3. Preparing, reviewing, and transmitting claims using billing software, including electronic and paper claim processing.
  4. Following up on unpaid claims within the standard billing cycle time frame.
  5. Calling insurance companies regarding any discrepancy in payments if necessary, Identifying and billing secondary or tertiary insurances.
  6. Reviewing accounts for insurance of patient follow-up. Researching and appealing denied claims.
  7. Submit claims to the clearinghouse (Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care), fix rejections as needed
  8. Upload remits into software and save files in the financial drive weekly, by program Work on denied claim(s) and rebill when necessary


Education/License: Candidate must have a high school diploma or GED. 

Experience/Skills: A minimum of two years of experience in a medical office setting and at least one year in medical billing and billing software. Strong familiarity with Medicaid and insurance web portals and knowledge of the life cycle of claims.

Physical Effort: Requires the ability to work under stressful conditions and to work irregular hours. Requires sitting for extended periods of time, viewing computer monitors, and keyboarding.

Communication Skills: Candidates must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to communicate professionally via telephone and in writing. Strong grammar and writing skills are crucial for clear and concise communication with clients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals.

Essential Technical/Motor Skills: Candidates must achieve competency in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) program, telemedicine services, and any additional software programs utilized by the company, ensuring efficient access and updating of client information. The role requires fine dexterity, adept handling, and proficient gripping abilities to perform various tasks.

Background: The candidate must pass all federal and state background checks, drug test, TB, and their educational and work history will be confirmed incompliance with company policies.


Competitive salary and benefits package.

Professional development and training opportunities.