Assistant Director

Chapel Hill, NC

TITLE: Assistant Director


SUMMARY: We're on a quest to enrich lives in Pittsboro, North Carolina, by fostering mental and emotional well-being. As an Assistant Director, you'll be instrumental in shaping our therapeutic services, aimed at supporting children and adolescents through mental health, developmental, and substance use struggles. Your leadership will help pave the way for a brighter future, full of hope, growth, and happiness.


  1. Supervise assigned clinical staff and act as Clinical Director when needed. 
  2. Represent the agency to state and local authorities; assist in strategic planning.
  3. Work with Clinical Director on treatment protocols, staff training, and regulatory compliance.
  4. Develop collaborative relationships with local referral sources and regulatory personnel.
  5. Monitor key performance indicators like service delivery and emergency admissions.
  6. Maintain service authorization database.
  7. Collaborate with Clinical Director to recruit, hire, and train medical and clinical staff.
  8. Ensure staff compliance with agency policies and state regulations.
  9. Oversee treatment planning, billing, and authorization documentation.
  10. Submit timely reports to CEO and relevant departments.
  11. Ensure fiscal stability of clinical services.
  12. Engage in Senior Management meetings and collaborate with families, treatment teams, and community resources.


Education/License: Candidate must have a Master's level licensure in one of the following licensed discipline categories (provisional license accepted):

o NC Licensed Clinical Social Worker

o NC Licensed Psychologist (Doctorate Level)

o NC Licensed Psychological Associate

o NC Licensed Professional Counselor

o NC Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

o Mastered Degree NC Licensed Nurse - advanced practice only (NP, PNPs)

o NC Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

o Certified Clinical Supervisor

Experience/Skills: The ideal candidate will have at least  2 or more years of experience in diagnosing, treating and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment of the population to be served by the agency (children or adults with mental health or substance abuse disorders). Valid Driver's License, reliable vehicle, current insurance, and acceptable driving record. Willingness to complete required training and maintain licensure-required CEUs.

Physical Effort: Requires the ability to work under stressful conditions and to work irregular hours. Requires sitting for extended periods of time, viewing computer monitors, and keyboarding.

Communication Skills: Candidates must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills in order to communicate professionally via telephone and in writing. Strong grammar and writing skills are crucial for clear and concise communication with clients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals.

Essential Technical/Motor Skills: Candidates must achieve competency in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) program, telemedicine services, and any additional software programs utilized by the company, ensuring efficient access and updating of client information. The role requires fine dexterity, adept handling, and proficient gripping abilities to perform various tasks.

Background: The candidate must pass all federal and state background checks, drug test, TB, and their educational and work history will be confirmed incompliance with company policies.


Competitive salary and benefits package.

Professional development and training opportunities.

JOB CODE: Chapel Hill, NC